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Chinese Mahjong

Chinese Mahjong

The Mahjong board game is an integral part of the national Chinese culture. Thanks to the addictive gameplay and simple rules, this puzzle has gained wide popularity outside the country. There are hundreds of versions of Mahjong to be found on the Internet, from classic to modern. And Chinese Mahjong is one of them!

How to play

Before the start of the round, you can choose one of the two presented modes – “For kids” (easy level, for beginners and children) and “Shanghai” (normal level for experienced players). They differ in the number of chips on the playing field.

The goal of the puzzle is to disassemble the construction of the chips. To do this, you need to find a pair of each tokens and thereby remove them from the structure.

This is a very concise version of mahjong, which is suitable for lovers of minimalism. No clues, no time counter – just a stunning oriental atmosphere that captures from the first seconds of the game.