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Mahjong Gardens 2

Mahjong Gardens 2

Mahjong Gardens 2 is a floral version of the legendary Mahjong, made in accordance with all the canons of the genre.

The combination of the classic Chinese Mahjong suits, depicted on the tiles, and a unique atmosphere allow you to discover the amazing world of solitaire that the whole world loves and plays!

Find and connect tiles with the same symbols and take your time: in this version there is no time frame, so you can choose a comfortable pace for yourself. To make the gameplay enjoyable, not a race for points.

Mahjong Gardens 2 is a puzzle game for everyone, regardless of age and preferences.

The player’s task is to disassemble the tiles on the screen in pairs and clear the playing field. The player can choose the theme of the images on the blocks: symbols, numbers, maps, letters and numbers, classic Chinese characters and drawings.

Rules of the game

There are blocks on the game table in several levels. The goal of the game is to clear the board of tiles. Find identical blocks, click on them and wait for them to disappear. Disappearing tiles open up access to other elements.

Only active blocks can be paired, i.e. those that are not covered by other elements and have a free right or left side.
The screen displays information about the number of tiles that remain. There is also an option to shuffle the tiles to find additional moves, as well as the ability to cancel previous moves and return the tile to the board.