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Golden Autumn Mahjong

Golden Autumn Mahjong is an unusual interpretation of the classic Mahjong game, where you still need to connect the same parts, but you need to do it in a very non-standard way. The small number of chips on the playing field may surprise you. But don’t relax ahead of time! After all, in this game you have to really break your head to complete the level.

How to play

To connect the parts, you need to move the pieces towards each other. Special arrows will help with this, which show where you can move. To move a piece, click on it with the “mouse” button and pull it in the selected direction. Think over your every step. After all, there is no one to help here – there are no tips, but the time for passing is limited. Which complicates the task at times.
And we warned that it won’t be easy in Golden Autumn Mahjong!