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Dream Pet Link

Dream Pet Link HTML5 is a fun match-and-match puzzle game inspired by the famous Mahjong solitaire game. Only instead of the usual traditional hieroglyphs and colors – funny little animal faces, ripe fruits and sweets melting in your mouth.
This game will delight not only children, but also adults!

How to play

Before the start of the first round, select the symbols that you want to see in the game. After that, the level will start in which you have to find two identical pictures and remove them from the playing field.
The passage of each level is limited by time. But do not rush – if you find a comfortable pace for yourself, you can enjoy the dynamic gameplay without rushing. If you’re at a dead end, use the clues on the left side of the screen. You can mix the pictures with each other, or you can highlight a pair suitable for deletion.
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