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Retro Mahjong

Retro Mahjong

Lovers of antiquity will love the retro-style online game Retro Mahjong. Tetris graphics, musical accompaniment familiar to everyone from childhood and simple symbols-chips – this version of the classic Mahjong has everything to drag on for a long time. It is impossible to break away!

Retro Mahjong is a classic puzzle game with a retro design. Collect pairs of identical blocks and set a record in the game.
The game consists of 60 levels, each of which differs in complexity and configuration of tiles on the playing field.

How to play

Choose pairs of tiles with identical images and pair them. Use the free tiles, i.e. those that are not covered by others and have a free side on the left or right. If the pairing is correct, the tiles will disappear from the board. Each successful move adds points to your score.


Use the hints if you have trouble finding the available pairs of blocks. Click on the question mark button and the next move will be highlighted. Use the arrow icons and shuffle tiles if there are no active pairs left.