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Mahjong Domino

Egyptian-themed games have a special charm and a mysterious atmosphere. And Mahjong Domino is no exception. The entourage of the puzzle is literally imbued with the spirit of Ancient Egypt, starting with the option buttons and ending with chips with symbols depicted on them. The fact that the game was created on the basis of the Chinese dominoes is given out only by the traditional Mahjong rules.

How to play

Although the concept of the game has remained the same, some changes have been made to the rules. If in the classic version of Mahjong you need to pair chips with an identical pattern, then in the Egyptian format you can also connect the same sides of the chips. That is, if a chip has 1 dot on the left side and 2 on the right, then it is suitable for creating a pair with a chip, where 3 dots are on the right side and 1 on the left.
An important point: you can only choose free chips that are not blocked by other elements at least on one side.