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Black Friday Mahjong

Black Friday Mahjong

Black Friday Mahjong is a time for big discounts and promotions in a traditional puzzle game. Stack identical tiles and set records in the game.

The player’s task is to complete a level and clear the playing field of tiles with a thematic image. The elements depict goods, clothing, furniture, accessories, discount icons, and more. To clear the board, you should choose pairs of identical elements. Click on tiles with identical images and they will disappear from the playing field. You can pair large-sized cubes, as well as those with two segments.

You need to complete the task in the allotted time, which is shown on the scale bar. To get the maximum reward, disassemble the field as quickly as possible until the division is below all the icons.

You can only combine elements that are not blocked by other cubes. They are highlighted in white. The number of available moves is indicated on the counter. When all available moves are exhausted, click on the arrows. The cubes will shuffle and the available combinations will appear again. Click on the light bulb to get a hint. The available move will be highlighted.

Complete all levels and get the maximum number of stars for each task you complete.

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