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Mahjong Alchemy

Uncover the secrets of the most mysterious science in the history of mankind with the help of the game Mahjong Alchemy. This is an exclusive version of Mahjong, which uses alchemical symbols instead of traditional Chinese characters.
Who knows, maybe you will be able to create an elixir of immortality or a philosopher’s stone …

How to play

The game is controlled with the “mouse”. Your task is to find two identical ones among the chips, click on them and remove them from the screen. The task is complicated by the fact that each level is given 15 minutes of time. If they run out, the level will be considered failed.
You will have to comprehend the basics of alchemy on your own – as such, there are no tips in the game. But there is a magic button Deal New Tileset. With its help, you can change the layout, if the current one does not suit you, and continue to find and delete the chips shuffled with each other. This useful option provides an opportunity for new combinations and moves, opening the blocks blocked at the bottom.
Good luck be with you!