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Mahjong 4

Mahjong 4

Solve a wise Chinese puzzle game in Mahjong 4, which continues the best traditions of the original Mahjong. You have 10 minutes to remove all 144 chips from the field and move on to the next level. So hurry up – only the best can conquer solitaire!

Mahjong 4 is a Chinese puzzle game in which you need to collect pairs of identical tiles and clear the board.

How to play

The participant must select identical blocks and click on them. You should choose elements that are open on the right or left and not blocked by other tiles. You can pair themed tiles with images of flowers, trees, and birds. If there are no moves, use the hint and the system will highlight possible pairs of blocks.
On the screen, you can track the number of tiles left on the screen, the number of available moves and the time until the game is over.

Points and rewards

Each pair of tiles has a certain value: hieroglyphs – 2 points, combinations of circles – 4 points, bamboo sticks – 6 points, dragons – 10 points, flowers – 12 points, seasons – 14 points. Match pairs of blocks and get a record number of points on your score.