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Mahjong Titan Turtle

Mahjong Titan Turtle is a great online game that is well-deservedly loved by many gamers. The puzzle challenges your logic skills and strategic thinking.
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How to play

There is a layout of several dozen chips on the playing field. They depict various symbols and hieroglyphs. Your task is to find two identical chips among them, connect with each other and thus remove them from the layout. At the initial stage of the passage, not all chips are available for use, but only those with at least two sides that are not covered by other chips. As you remove identical pairs, closed elements will also open. The level is considered passed if there are no chips left on the playing field.
There are 10 minutes of time allocated for each round. In case of difficulty, you can use the HINT button in the lower right corner of the screen. This is a hint that will show the location of two identical tokens that can be removed.
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