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Arkadium Mahjongg Candy

Arkadium Mahjongg Candy

Arkadium Mahjongg Candy is an oriental puzzle game for players of all ages. The game promotes relaxation, mindfulness and perseverance. A real caramel boom awaits players. Stack tiles with candy images and get points on your score.

How to play Arkadium Mahjongg Candy

There are cubes with different images on the board. The player’s task is to clear the field by collecting identical tiles in pairs. To do this, you should choose only those tiles that are located next to each other or between them you can draw a line with no more than two right angles.

To remove tiles, click on the tiles one by one. If a pair is selected correctly, the elements will disappear. Thus, they will open access to the next elements.
The player has a limited time to complete the task. Time expires if the player thinks too long and looks for the next move. As soon as a pair of tiles is selected, the scale is replenished.

The game has 12 levels. In each level, the tiles are placed differently and have additional options. They can move down or up to free spaces.

If you have used all the available moves, use the hint. Click on the light bulb icon. The next move will be highlighted.

This themed game will appeal to the youngest players. Combine candies and set records in each round of the game.