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Mahjong Shanghai 2

The online game Mahjong Shanghai 2, which is a modern adaptation of the classic version of Mahjong, has a lot of advantages:
β€’ Bright and bold design.
β€’ 2D or 3D mode at the request of the player.
β€’ Ability to choose a background and layout.
β€’ Musical accompaniment, pleasant to the ear.
But the main thing is an exciting gameplay that keeps you in suspense from the first to the last seconds!

How to play

The player will have to disassemble a pyramid of cubes in a certain amount of time. To do this, you need to match and remove from the field tokens with the same pattern.
Only β€œfree” chips can be selected. These are tiles that are not blocked by other tiles. On the field, they are highlighted in white, and blocked ones are in the shadow.
As soon as the last pair of chips is removed from the screen, the round will end in victory.