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Mahjong Classic 2

Mahjong Classic 2 is a variation of the classic Mahjong game that retains the unique atmosphere of the East and the traditional symbols of the legendary board game. You will find a pleasant and unobtrusive design, calm relaxing music, a clear interface and, of course, an exciting gameplay that is impossible to tear yourself away from from the first to the last second.
See for yourself!

How to play

Match two tiles with the same symbols to remove them from the playing field. Only free tiles can be used. A tile is considered free if it is not blocked by other tiles and at least one side (left or right) of it is open.
Any season tiles (like flowers with each other) stack with any season tiles.
Hurry up to remove all tiles before the time runs out. Otherwise, you will have to start the level from the very beginning!
Have a nice and productive game!