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Mahjong Fortuna

Mahjong Fortuna is an addictive online game based on the popular oriental Mahjong solitaire game. Only instead of the usual Chinese characters and symbols, the counters display 12 signs of the zodiac.

How to play

The rules are simple – disassemble the structure on the playing field so that not a single chip remains. To do this, you need to find and connect two pieces with the same symbols to take them out of the game.
The player has two tips at his disposal:
• HINT – shows the location of two identical tokens.
• SHUFFLE – shuffles all the pieces on the field.
On the right side of the screen, there is a jackal counting down the time. For each found pair of identical tokens, seconds will be added. And for the use of prompts, on the contrary, the time will become less.
You need to have time to get rid of all the chips before the time is up.
Good luck!