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Classic Mahjong

Classic Mahjong is the beloved classic of Mahjong, with 144-chip layouts, traditional Chinese characters and suits, and a unique oriental atmosphere.
Indulge in the pleasure of relaxing while playing this wonderful board game!

How to play

The rules are simple – find chips with the same symbols, click on them and remove them from the playing field. You can select not all chips, but only those that are not blocked by other chips at least from one side. If, when pressed, the token lights up in yellow, then it can be used, if not, then it is not free, and in order to open it, you need to remove its neighbors that block its sides.
The following tips are provided to help the player:
• “Light” – shows where two identical chips are located.
• “One arrow” – cancels the previous move.
• “Two arrows” – updates the layout.
The passage of the level is not limited in time! Good game!