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Real Mahjong

Real Mahjong is an addictive puzzle game that will open before you the wonderful world of Mahjong and take you headlong into the unique atmosphere of the East. The laconic design in the style of minimalism and the interface, decorated in calm colors, will tune in the desired mood, allowing you to concentrate on the gameplay and not be distracted by any tinsel.

How to play

There is a pair for each chip in the layout on the field. You need to find her and connect with your twin. Many chips are blocked by other chips. Therefore, it is important to think through every step so that at the end you do not face the fact that access to the necessary chips, without which you cannot make out the alignment, will be closed.
To help the player, there are hint buttons at the top of the screen:
• HINT – shows the location of the same tokens.
• MIX – swaps all the pieces on the playing field, increasing the number of possible moves.
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