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Jewels Mahjong

Jewels Mahjong

Love the sparkle of gems? Then the addicting online game Jewels Mahjong will definitely suit your taste! This is a puzzle in the genre of match 3 where you have to combine magic stones into a group of at least three elements and collect points. There are no hints in the game, but there is a time counter.
Therefore, you have to rely on your quick wits and speed.

Jewels Mahjong is a match-three puzzle game. Move the magic stones and unlock new levels of the game.

Jewels Mahjong: Rules of the game

The playing board consists of precious stones of different colours. On each rooster, the player must clear all the jewels and get the opportunity to move to the next level. To do this, create a combination of three identical elements in a row. Swap the tiles and get a reward on your account for each correctly collected combination.

Locked stone jewels cannot be moved.

Bonuses and boosters

Collect four or more tiles of the same colour in a row and get special symbols. Lightning allows you to destroy several elements of the same colour. The bomb allows you to remove gems around the explosion. By combining several elements, you can get an hourglass that allows you to stop time.
Stack gems, destroy dirty cells and complete the level.

Good luck!