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Mahjong Zuma

Mahjong Zuma

Mahjong Zuma is a popular online match 3 game with colorful graphics and exciting levels that will keep you on your toes and will keep you on your toes. Control the frog and shoot the moving snake from colorful balls with your balls. A group of at least three balls of the same color will be automatically removed from the snake. The goal is to remove all the “snake” before it gets to the burrow at the end of the maze.

Mahjong Zuma is a colourful game for adults and kids alike that forces you to make quick decisions and act. Control the frog and destroy the coloured balls that move endlessly.

How to play Mahjong Zuma

The player controls a frog that throws coloured balls. Coloured balls move in a row around the frog and towards the centre of the screen. The player must prevent the balls from moving into the central hole. The player can develop a strategy in advance. The frog has a ball in its mouth, which it shoots. The colour of the next element is indicated on the frog’s head. Build moves and create winning combinations.

Bonus combinations

Aim in the right direction and add balls to make three or more. This will make three balls of the same colour disappear. An empty segment will appear between them. In this case, if two parts of the snake have the same colour elements, they will be attracted and move backwards. This will allow you to gain time and make the next moves.

The player moves from level to level, the difficulty of which changes.

For long combinations, useful bonuses are issued that will help you to cope with the task faster. Good luck!