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Dream Farm Link Mahjong

Dream Farm Link Mahjong is a multi-level connect online game based on the legendary Chinese puzzle Mahjong. It is dedicated to the farm and its inhabitants, who have long been waiting for an intelligent and quick-witted player to help with the household. No no! There will be no need to milk the cows and clean the chicken coop. You will be faced with a more important task – to find a mate for all animals and thereby improve the demographic situation on the farmstead!

How to play

In the first and easiest levels of the game, you can learn the craft of “connection”. There is nothing difficult in this – find chips with the same pictures and click on them, connecting with each other. They will be removed from the field, and you will receive points. At the top there is an indicator that counts down the time. You need to have time to find a pair for each picture before it ends.
There are three tips to help players:
• Bomb. Explodes 3 pairs of identical pieces.
• Magnifier. Shows where the same items are located.
• Arrows. Mix all the details together.
Don’t relax! As you progress through the game, the levels will get more difficult. So boring and easy – this is definitely not about Dream Farm Link Mahjong!