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Mahjong Candy Cane

Mahjong Candy Cane is a bright and fun Christmas-themed puzzle game that cheers you up and lets you believe in miracles! This entertaining online game will appeal not only to our little players, but also to adults, for whom it will be a wonderful journey into the wonderful world of childhood!

How to play

At each level, you will have the next task – to disassemble the layout of the tiles, connecting the same pictures in pairs. To do this, find suitable chips, click first on one, then on the other and form pairs of them. Chips that will fit together are automatically removed from the structure and open access to blocked elements on the playing field.
The passage of the level is limited by time. If it ends, and you do not have time to disassemble the structure, the current level will be restarted.
To help the player from the tips – only the SHUFFLE button, which shuffles the tiles among themselves and takes a few seconds of time.
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