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Mahjong Collision

Do you like to spend your free time with benefit not only for the soul, but also for the mind? Then you are in the right place! The online puzzle Mahjong Collision is designed just for this purpose. The game develops logic, attentiveness and ingenuity. And these invaluable skills will allow you to find solutions even in the most difficult situations in life!


How to play

In this version of the game, there is only one tile layer. And all of them must be removed from the playing field. To do this, click on the chip and use the direction arrows and the game “mouse” to drag it to the chip with the same picture. The tiles must touch each other, after which they self-destruct.
There are many levels in the game, and each one is more difficult and more interesting than the previous one. So concentrate on the task at hand and be sure to reach the end!