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Simple Mahjong

Simple Mahjong

Simple Mahjong is not the easiest version of Mahjong, despite its name “Simple Mahjong”. Yes, disassembling the construction of blocks, here you definitely need to think carefully about each step. Otherwise, on the finish line, you may encounter the fact that the necessary chips are covered by other chips. And there is no further move.

Match the same tiles in pairs, calculate the most profitable moves and enjoy the gameplay without any time limits! And all this is online.

Simple Mahjong is a classic oriental puzzle game with colourful blocks. Stack tiles and clear the board of playing pieces. Enjoy the colourful original Chinese characters and symbols.

Rules of the game

The tiles are arranged in several levels. The player’s task is to free the playing field from all the blocks. To do this, find two identical blocks on the board and click them. The selected pair of elements will disappear from the field. As a result, the following elements will be opened for further selection.
You need to choose those tiles that have the right or left side or both open.

No time limits

The game has no time limits, hints or other bonuses.

Play the game, solve solitaires and discover new puzzles. The game improves mindfulness, ability to concentrate on details, as well as logical and spatial thinking.