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Mahjong Dark Dimensions

Mahjong Dark Dimensions

Mahjong Dark Dimensions is a connected 3D puzzle game that can be played online. There is no need to download, download or install anything. Just open the puzzle in your browser and enjoy its addictive gameplay.

We recommend you to try Mahjong Dark Dimensions triple time where you’ll have 6 minutes in each level!

How to play

The goal of the puzzle is to connect cubes with the same symbols and thus disassemble the whole cube. The cube itself can be rotated in different directions in two ways:

• Using the arrows.
• Holding down the mouse button and making circular movements.

If you ask Mahjong lovers what they miss the most in this amazing game, then many of them will confidently say that there is time. And this is a fact. Indeed, in many versions there is a timer that limits the passage of the level by frames. And until you meet on time, you will not go to the next level.

Mahjong Dark Dimensions breaks these rules. After all, now you can add time for yourself. To do this, get to the bonus cubes with time, located inside the cube, and take for yourself as much time, and not a second less than it is written on them.

Act quickly! Bonus dice time doesn’t last forever either!