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Mahjong Sunset

Mahjong Sunset is an addicting online game that miraculously combines seemingly completely incompatible things. After all, it both relaxes and keeps you in suspense, relieves stress and develops thinking, allowing you to rest your soul and benefit your intellect.

How to play

The gameplay is divided into two stages:
• Finding two identical tiles.
• Selection of tiles using the mouse button.
Found parts are combined and automatically removed from the game, opening access to new chips. The level ends with a victory if there are no tiles left on the field.
The process of passing the levels is not limited by time. But the clock is here. They calculate how much you were able to cope with the task and put the results in the table of records.
There are hints to help the player – the SHUFFLE button, which shuffles all the tiles on the field with each other, and the HINT button, which shows the location of the same tiles. For each use of the hints, 6 seconds are added to the playing time.
The RESTART button starts the level from the very beginning.
Good luck!