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Taipei Mahjong

Taipei Mahjong is the kind of game that confirms the famous folk wisdom that looks are not the main thing! The main thing is the essence! Uncomplicated at first glance design and unpretentious interface, it would seem, do not distinguish this puzzle from other mahjong solitaire games. But if you look closely, you can see what unusual patterns and symbols are depicted on the tiles. And how they harmonize with the general atmosphere of the game.

How to play

To pass the level, you need to find two identical ones in the pyramid of tokens and remove them from the structure. The task is complicated by the fact that only loose tiles can be selected. A tile is considered free if it is not surrounded on at least one side by other tiles. You need to try very hard to clear the way to all the tiles. When this is done, the round will end in victory.
There are 3 clues in the lower left corner of the screen. They show which chips can be connected to each other.
There is no timeline in this game! So enjoy the gameplay at your own pace. Good luck!