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Mahjong Holiday Dimensions

Mahjong Holiday Dimensions

Mahjong Holiday Dimensionsis an exclusive version of the legendary Mahjong dedicated to the New Year and Christmas holidays. Thanks to the new unique 3D format, playing solitaire has become even more fun and interesting!

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See for yourself!

How to play

Before you is a gigantic structure made of blocks with different patterns. Your task is to disassemble it as quickly as possible before the allotted time runs out.

Find two identical cubes, first click one, then another “mouse” and take them out of the game. Do not forget that a three-dimensional geometric figure is mobile. Therefore, twist it in different directions to open access to all the cubes of the structure.

From the hints, only the “Shuffle” button is available, which changes all the cubes in places. So you have to rely only on your mind, which by the end of each level will become more and more acute and outstanding.

Good luck!