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Mahjong Black and White Dimensions

Mahjong Black and White Dimensions

Become a part of the fascinating world of Mahjong with the game Mahjong Black and White Dimension. The puzzle is made in 3D graphics, in black and white design. The combination is amazing. Come and see for yourself!

How to play Mahjong Black and White Dimensions

The point of the game is to disassemble a volumetric cube, picking up each cube of its twin brother with exactly the same pattern. The found pairs will disappear from the structure. It is necessary to ensure that not a single cube remains on the field.

The cube itself can be rotated with the β€œmouse” left and right. If you cannot find the same items, you can use the Shuffle and Find Pair tips. But the help is not free. For each click on the hint buttons, the earned points are deducted.
So be careful – don’t go negative!