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Mahjong Connect Classic

Mahjong Connect Classic

It is so important sometimes to isolate oneself from the bustle of the surrounding things and look into your inner world, freeing yourself from stress and accumulated tension. And solitaire games are one of the best ways to relax and push your worries into the background! See for yourself by discovering this exciting genre in the online game Mahjong Connect Classic!

How to play

Before you are several rows of chips, which depict various hieroglyphs. To pass a level and move on to the next, you need to pick up a pair of chips with the same symbols and remove them from the chips. Each level has a little more than 3 minutes and 6 tips that reveal the location of the twin chips.

Show what you are capable of and put your name on the Mahjong records!

Mahjong Connect Classic is a colourful puzzle game that trains mindfulness, perseverance and logic. Stack the mahjong cubes and win.


The cubes are arranged in rows on the board. Each element has a specific image. On the tiles, you can see hieroglyphs, symbols of oriental culture, images of bamboo sticks and even dragons of different colours. Click on the blocks with identical patterns to make them disappear from the field.

You can only choose tiles with no more than two corners between them. You can also combine tiles that share a common side and an identical image. If you manage to choose a pair of tiles correctly, they will disappear from the field. The goal of the game is to clear the board so that no pairs of cubes remain.

Timer and reward

The participant has a limited time to solve the puzzle – 3 minutes and 20 seconds. As a reward for each correctly selected pair of elements, the participant receives stars. If you need any hints, click on the light bulb to highlight the available option.