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Butterfly Mahjong

Butterfly Mahjong is an incredibly beautiful Mahjong puzzle that will appeal to all connoisseurs of beauty and perfection. The game is dedicated to butterflies of all kinds – bright, fluttering and airy.

How to play

Bring every inhabitant of this exotic insectarium to life! To do this, connect the same wings with each other and enjoy the miracle – a magnificent live butterfly, which, flapping its acquired wings, flies out of its place and flies away.
Present wings to all butterflies to complete the level. And do not forget that you have only a few minutes to complete, which is counted down by the counter at the top of the screen.
If difficulties arise, then at any time during the game you can use the tips: the “magic wand” shows a pair of identical wings, and the arrows interfere with them to create new combinations.
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