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Butterfly Kyodai Classic

Butterfly Kyodai Classic

Butterfly Kyodai Classic opens the world of fabulous butterflies and interesting puzzles. Help the butterflies get their wings and enjoy their magical flight.

How to play Butterfly Kyodai Classic

The player’s task is to free the butterflies and clear the playing field in a certain time. There are tiles on the board with the image of half butterfly wings. The player has to find two identical pieces, click on them and send the butterfly flying.

You can choose those tiles that have identical images of wings. Only elements that are adjacent and share a common side can be paired, or a line with no more than two corners can be drawn between them.

In each subsequent level, the task becomes more difficult. Tiles can be moved to the free space. Elements are shifted in different directions, which makes the puzzle even more interesting to solve.

The player has a limited time to send all the butterflies flying. The remaining time allows you to get extra points and bonuses.

Hints will help you win the game. Click on the image of the magic wand and a possible move will be highlighted on the field, that is, the next two tiles that can be combined. When there are no more moves available, select the arrow icon and shuffle all the elements on the board.

Enjoy the oriental theme of the game and relax as you watch the butterflies fly.