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Battle Mahjong

Battle Mahjong

Battle Mahjong is an unusual version of Mahjong, where you have to fight against a computer opponent. Artificial intelligence is smart, fast, and savvy. Therefore, do not underestimate him.

To win a round, you need to connect two identical blocks with hieroglyphs and numbers printed on them. The latter indicate the number of points that can be obtained for them. The computer adversary will do the same. Therefore, have time to get the tiles with the highest score before him.
Let the battle begin!

Battle Mahjong – solve the Chinese puzzle and win in a confrontation with the computer. The player’s task is to clear the field of all tiles and get the most points compared to virtual rivals.

How to play

Tiles with different images are arranged in several rows. Active tiles that can be used in the game are highlighted with light. Choose identical blocks, click on them and increase your score. The player and the virtual opponent take turns making moves. To get more points than your opponent for each next move, choose tiles with a higher value.

The player is presented with blocks depicting hieroglyphs, animals, combinations of bamboo sticks and other symbols of oriental culture. At the same time, each tile has a numerical value. Choose a pair of tiles with the highest number among those available in the game.

The results of each move can be seen on the right side, and the opponent’s score on the left. You have a limited time to complete the level. If you need help, click on the question mark icon and the system will highlight the next pair of tiles. You will have to pay for the hint with points from your account.