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Butterfly Kyodai HD

Butterfly Kyodai HD is an amazingly beautiful and executed puzzle game in which you have to go to an enchanted forest and revive beautiful butterflies who have become captives of an evil sorcerer.
Please do not hesitate! The fluttering beauties really need your help!

How to play

The evil sorcerer divided each butterfly into two halves, and scattered their wings throughout the forest. Therefore, to save the butterflies, you need to find two identical wings and connect them together. If the wings fit together, they will turn into beautiful and graceful butterflies. The revived creatures will immediately fly out of their place and fly into the forest to tell everyone about their long-awaited liberation!
But you won’t be saving the butterflies alone. Powerful artifacts will help you in this difficult task:
β€’ The magic wand will show you where two identical wings are.
β€’ Two arrows will shuffle all the wings on the field to form new moves.
Save all the butterflies now!