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Tu mahjong

All Mahjong (Tu mahjong) is an addictive connect puzzle game with 36 levels. Unlike other versions of Mahjong, this one does not need to go through one level in order to open the next. And you can immediately select any of the available layouts, even the latest from the catalog.

How to play

The goal of the solitaire game is to sort out the alignment and get rid of all the tiles on the playing field. To do this, find two identical tiles, click on them with the mouse button and thus remove them from the structure. Only highlighted chips can be selected. Those that are not highlighted are not free, that is, access to them is blocked by other chips.
The following bonus options are provided to help the player:
• “Two arrows” – change all the chips with each other.
• “Question” – indicates where the same chips are located.
• “One arrow” – gives a new layout.
There is no time limit in the game. Therefore, enjoy the gameplay at your own pace. Good luck!