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Pokemons Mahjong

Tremble, manga, anime and Pokemon fans! After all, the developers of the new unique puzzle have tried their best for you! They combined Chinese Mahjong gameplay and Japanese animation to create the fantastic Pokemons Mahjong game. Its central characters are the beloved cartoon characters of all children and adults – funny Pokemon. And they are ready for adventure!
So, the competition starts now! Pokémon choose you!

How to play

The goal of the puzzle is to pair up all the Pokémon on the playing field. You can only connect chips that are open on at least one side or those that are next to each other. As soon as the Pokémon become one, they will voluntarily leave the game space. The round will be considered complete when there are no Pokémon left on the screen.
Pokémon’s Mahjong is free to play online. Join us!