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Blue Mahjong

In the online puzzle game Blue Mahjong, the mood color is always blue and the taste is sweet! Because the gameplay is played on a blue background, and juicy ripe fruits and berries are depicted on the mahjong bones – from sugar watermelon to exotic pineapple. Although in fact, the background and symbols can be changed and you can choose the ones that you like the most. But the blue and fruity theme is, in the opinion of many players, the best!
Do you want to be convinced of this?

How to play

The essence of the game, though simple – to find a pair of identical parts and connect them with each other, but you will have to smash your head. After all, you can only choose those knuckles that are open on at least one side. Blocked chips cannot be connected. In order to free them, you need to remove those that are nearby and close their sides.
To help the player on the left, there are hints:
• Icon with a light bulb – highlights all active chips, and, on the contrary, makes locked ones gray.
• Cancel button – returns to the place removed pairs of chips, if the player found another, more profitable move.
Blue Mahjong is available online. Open the game in your browser and enjoy it anywhere you like!