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Mahjong Minute

Mahjong Minute

Mahjong Minute is a popular connect and 3D puzzle game that develops the speed of reaction and thinking, as well as improves logic and strategy skills. The whole world is playing Mahjong solitaire! Join you too!

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How to play Mahjong Minute

The rules are simple – disassemble the volumetric cube so that not a single detail remains on the playing field. To do this, you need to find cubes with the same symbols and connect them to each other. The formed pairs will automatically be removed from the structure, bringing you closer to victory.

The passage of each level is limited in time. The allotted minutes are enough to take your time and enjoy the gameplay at your own pace. But if difficulties arise, you can always use the help button at the top of the screen. This option shuffles all the cubes together and opens new moves.

Don’t forget: the cube can be rotated both left and right.

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