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Mahjong Journey

Mahjong Journey

Mahjong Journey – travels to the land of Mahjong, where breathtaking adventures await everyone who is ready to challenge them! Go for treasures and untold riches right now. And don’t forget to take sunscreen. It will be hot!

The goal of the game is to connect blocks with the same symbols to each other and thereby remove them from the playing field. Each level is given 3 minutes. There are 24 levels in the game. Each subsequent one opens as the previous one passes.

Mahjong Journey is a puzzle game for relaxing and improving your thinking and mindfulness skills. Stack the tiles and get the maximum number of points on your score. The player has 24 levels of puzzles of different configurations.

How to play

In front of the player are tiles with precious stones and golden symbols and decorations in several levels. The goal of the game is to free the game board as quickly as possible. A limited amount of time is allocated to receive bonuses. You can track the remaining time on the timer at the top of the screen. When the time is up, the player can continue the game until the end.

Choose identical tiles that have a free right or left side. If the pair of blocks is selected correctly, the tiles will disappear from the field. The level is completed when there are no more tiles on the screen.

The game becomes more difficult with each subsequent level. Complete all levels and set a record for the number of points you earn.

The adventure begins now!