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Mahjong Connect 6

Mahjong Connect 6 is a unique Mahjong puzzle with non-standard exclusive layouts. The game is available online. Therefore, you do not need to download, download and install it on your device. Just open the solitaire game in your browser and enjoy the fast-paced gameplay!

How to play

Connect tiles with the same symbols together and remove them from the game. Tiles from any layouts presented on the field can be connected to each other. The main thing is that the connection line does not form more than two corners. For convenience, the tiles are numbered. Pay attention to them to make it easier for yourself to complete each level. Also, pay attention to the timeline at the top of the screen. If the minutes run out, the level will be considered failed and you will have to start to analyze the alignment from the beginning.
In the lower right corner there is a help button that shows the location of two identical tiles. 10 tips are given for each level. Spend them wisely!
Good luck!