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China Tower Mahjong

China Tower Mahjong is one of the most difficult versions of Mahjong, which uses the symbols of Chinese towers. At first glance, you will not understand how they differ. Therefore, you need to show care and patience to navigate this game.

How to play

All that needs to be done is to clear the playing field from the tiles with the turrets depicted on them. To do this, click on one knuckle, then on another with the same pattern, and if they are identical to each other, this pair will disappear and new chips will open to you. The game is played for a while. To help the player are given two help buttons that can be used at any time:
• Stir. Gives a new layout of the chips on the field.
• Clue. Highlights two identical elements.
Points are awarded for each pair found. For each used hint, points are deducted.
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