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Mahjong Grand Master

Mahjong Grand Master

Mahjong Grand Master is a variation of the cult Chinese game Mahjong. A construction of 144 chips with various symbols is laid out on the game board. The player’s task is to disassemble this pyramid. To do this, you need to find and remove the same tiles. You can only use free knuckles, access to which is not blocked by other knuckles on at least one side.

The passage of the level is not limited by time. Play at your own pace without any restrictions, not on speed, but for fun!

Mahjong Grand Master is a Chinese mahjong-style puzzle game. The developers offer not only to play available games but also to create your own puzzle.

How to play

At the beginning, the player can choose the level, i.e. the configuration of tiles on the game table. The player’s task is to free the table from blocks and get the maximum number of points in the game. Choose tiles with identical images. Only those elements that have a free right or left side are available for combination. The correctly selected pair of blocks disappears and thus the player gets access to the next elements that were blocked.


The player can use in-game hints and other features that will help in a difficult situation. The list includes the ability to shuffle all the tiles and get the opportunity to continue the game in case of a deadlock when you run out of moves. Use the hint to highlight a pair of tiles for the next move. There is also an option to highlight all active tiles that can be used to make pairs.

Enjoy the game!