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Mahjong Titan Solitaire

Mahjong Titan Solitaire is a popular online puzzle game in the genre of “connect”, the design and gameplay of which is as close as possible to the original Mahjong dominoes. The knuckles are illustrated with classic Chinese symbols and suits. At the beginning of each round, there are traditionally 144 of them.

How to play

The player will have to disassemble the construction of the knuckles, each picking up its own pair. Once the two pieces are combined, they disappear from the screen. You can only choose free, that is, chips open from at least three sides. Chips surrounded by other details are considered blocked. To free them, you need to open access to them by deleting pairwise identical elements.
There is nothing superfluous in Mahjong Titan Solitaire – distracting music, hints, time limits. Only chips and you.
Join us! And may luck be on your side today!