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Mahjong Dream Pet Link 3

Mahjong Dream Pet Link 3

Mahjong Dream Pet Link 3 is a variation of the popular Chinese puzzle Mahjong that uses animal boards instead of traditional oriental symbols. The kids are so cute and funny that they will make any heart flutter with tenderness! Help them find friends, and they will become your faithful friend in return!

How to play

The game is played against the clock. Each level must be completed in the allotted amount of time. To pass the round, you need to clear the playing field from all the pictures. To do this, find cubes with the same pictures of animals, combine them and remove them. Points are awarded for each pair found. They can be spent on tips located at the top of the game screen.

The first levels will not be difficult, you can call them β€œtraining”. But then the game will become much more difficult, so we do not advise you to relax if you are already going to do it!
All the fun is ahead!