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Mahjong Cook

Take a look at the game Mahjong Cook and show not only the talents of a strategist, but also a cook. After all, this fun version of Mahjong is dedicated to the art of cooking. Now it is clear why there are so many kitchen utensils in the game – from bowls and spoons to graters and strainers.

How to play

To complete the level, find and match identical pictures in pairs, and they will be automatically removed from the screen. Clear the entire playing field as quickly as possible and enter your name in the Mahjong Record Book.
Each level is given 4 minutes of time. Also at the player’s disposal is the HINT hint, which removes one pair of identical pictures. You can use a hint only 3 times on one level. Therefore, do not get carried away much, otherwise the tips will end and in a difficult situation you will have to rely only on your skills.
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