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Mahjong Animal Connect 2

Mahjong Animal Connect 2

Mahjong Animal Connect 2 is a vibrant puzzle game that’s perfect for all ages. After all, the bright cheerful design and unpredictable levels will impress neither children nor adults! The main advantage of the game is the ability to play it online. Therefore, forget about long downloads, run the puzzle in the browser in any convenient place and enjoy the game!
It’s that simple!

How to play

The rules are also simple and straightforward – to pair chips with the same animals. And try to do it as quickly as possible. After all, there is a timer in the upper right corner. It shows how much time you have left to go through this round.

Further, even more difficult levels await you, where you cannot do without hints. They can be found at the top of the game screen. These are the “Shuffle” buttons, which swap all the pieces of the puzzle, and “Suggest”, which shows the location of two identical pictures.
Come quickly to Mahjong Animal Connect 2! Animals don’t bite!