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Lost Island Mahjong

Welcome to Lost Island Mahjong! We don’t promise you Friday, but there are plenty of beautiful and fearless elves! Pointy-eared will be your allies who will help you survive in new conditions for you, and you will render them several services in return. Which ones? While this is a secret! Come into the game and find out for yourself.

How to play

Already at the very first level, it becomes clear that no one will joke with you! This is not a hiking trip, but a dangerous journey where traps and difficulties await you at every corner. To emerge victorious from each level, you need to clear the passage of all the chips that will meet on the way. To do this, connect the same tiles, which will make them self-destruct from the playing field and open the chips that are below.
If difficulties arise and your life is in danger, feel free to use the tips on the right side of the screen. This will help you survive on this lost island.
Good luck!